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BatchFrame.com is dedicated to providing low cost resources while maintaining the highest possible quality. From After Effects Templates for those who can't afford a custom motion graphics to Scripts, Plug-ins and presets for the artists themselves, BatchFrame is there for you. BatchFrame.com is still just beginning to produce content, but in the upcoming months, you'll start to see more and more useful stock footage, scripts and presets as well as new After Effects templates, Bundles and Design Packages.

My name is Jesse Toula, and as of right now, I single-handedly run BatchFrame.com, from the creation of the content to the site design and maintenance. I have been creating motion graphics and working on visual effects for the last six years. This I created this site so I can share what I know, and give people the tools and resources to create better media. I'm currently working on separating BatchFrame.com from the many other sites like it. I am going to be focusing on the more technical aspects of things, like scripts and expressions, in my tutorials.

My goal is to always teach ideas and concepts, never to give walkthroughs of projects. I believe that too many sites out there walk you through the creating of an entire composition. Although often times, these types of tutorials give you some good ideas and allow you to see a new workflow, it bothers me that you then see a ton of duplicate content from people who watch these tutorials and then go and copy it verbatim. I want to see what you can create, what you can come up with. Rather then walk you through creating an entire project, I just want to show you how to do something faster, give you more options, improve your workflow, explain an effect you might not ever use, or functionality you might not know about.

Although at this point, the selection is minimal, I hope to grow the stock footage collection, focusing mainly on stock footage that is useful to the motion graphics and visual effects artists. Hopefully you'll soon start to see more unique and useful content in that area.

I'm working every day to add new content to BatchFrame.com, so check back often to see what's new. Thanks for visiting.

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