Beyond Camera Basics
Jesse Toula on January 09, 2012 at 5:55 pm

It's time for Batch Frame to get the new year started with some new tools and videos. In a few days, I'll be releasing the first of what will become a series of videos called 'Beyond Camera Basics'.

With the cost of pro-sumer and professional cameras coming down, more and more people are begining to create their own content. Unfortunately many people never learn the basic camera concepts that make it possible to create quality video. In these lessons, I'm going to be starting with basic principles of lenses like foccal length and aperature as well as concepts like depth of field and circles of confusion. Eventually I'll go into things like color sampling, bit rates, video formats and more. 

Now, these aren't just going to be the usual camera 101 lessons. These are going to go way beyond the basics and into more detail then you probably need to know. I'll be explaining all the technical details about each concept and explain the reasons behind the principles. So if you're a nerd like I am and like to know how everything works, these videos are for you. And even if you aren't, these videos will be easy to follow for people with any level of experience.

I'm looking forward to getting these videos online and I hope you all will find them useful.

Also, keep your eye out for new scripts and other After Effects tools that will be online soon.

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