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Current Version: 3.0 | $2.00

Move Anchor Point 3

Move anchor points anywhere without moving the layer.

Current Version: 0.8 Downloads: 4400

Warp To Keys

Convert Warp Stabilizer results to Position, Rotation and Scale Keyframes

Current Version: 0.5 Downloads: 3586

Toggle Bezier

Quickly convert all mask points to linear or bezier points.

Current Version: 0.7 Downloads: 4108

Distribute By Scale

Position layers in 3D space based on their scale

Current Version: 2.00 Downloads: 171280

Move Anchor Point

Snap the anchor point to any preset or custom point without moving the layer.

Current Version: 2.5 Downloads: 12252

Auto Crop

Crop a composition automatically to fit the size of its contents.

Current Version: 1.3 Downloads: 3447

Quick Lock

Lock individual layer properties without locking the whole layer.

Current Version: 1.00 Downloads: 6498

Layer Splitter

Split a layer into any number of pieces and then control the pieces as a group.

Current Version: 1.00 Downloads: 3999

Unpack Precomp

Depreciated: This is the script version of the plug-in Un-PreCompose.

Current Version: 1.00 Downloads: 4675

Particle Positioner

With one click, create a particle world with the emitter connected to a null object for easy control.

Current Version: 1.00 Downloads: 6613


Quickly create an LED effect where any composition can be turned into a grid of boxes.

Current Version: 1.01 Downloads: 11230

Quick Gravity

Quickly create a realisic bouncing animation and customize the look with simple controls

Current Version: 0.5 Downloads: 1669

Manual Track

Speed up your manual motion tracking

Current Version: 1.10 Downloads: 6866

Auto Focus

Automatically set your camera's focus to a 3D layer with just one click

Current Version: 1.04 Downloads: 7997

Un PreCompose

Extract all of the layers from a pre-comp and empty them into the parent composition.

Current Version: 1.2

Track Points

Make your android phone easy to track in post

Current Version: 2.0

Pseudo Effects Creator

Create custom effect controls for After Effects presets without having to hassle with the code.