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Pseudo Effect Builder
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Make your pseudo effects accessible. With the Pseudo Effect Builder, you can finnally make your pseudo effects easy to share by combining your custom control XML and your preset into a single file that can be instantly installed with the Pseudo Effect Installer.

Learn more about the Pseudo Effect Builder and the rest of the Pseudo Effect Suite here!

Pseudo Effect Builder

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Version History

Version 0.7

  • Beta Release
About Pseudo Effect Builder


In order to install Pseudo Effect Builder, you must have Adobe Air installed on your system and must be running
either Windows or Mac. You should also have After Effects installed for creation and testing of presets and
pseudo effects.
 Pseudo Effect Builder 


The Pseudo Effect Builder combines the code for your Custom Control and an After Effects Preset (optional) into a single .pseudo file that can be installed using the Pseudo Effect Installer. In addition to the code, the .pseudo file also contains information about the effect, such as the name, version, creator and required After Effects version. You are even able to create updates to your pseudo effects and have your users automatically be notified.


Before you make your first .pseudo file, there are a couple things you’ll need. First, you’ll need the XML code for your custom control. This code may be written by you or generated by the Custom Controls Creator. Optionally, you may also include an After Effects preset file (.ffx). Presets must be created in After Effects and MUST use the Custom Control that you provide. If your preset uses a Custom Control other then the one you include in the .pseudo file, there may be errors when installing. The preset file is optional, and leaving it out will create a ‘Control Only’ pseudo effect.