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What are Pseudo Effects?

Pseudo Effects are After Effects Presets that use custom user interfaces to give them the look of a built in effect or plug-in. Custom user interfaces allow your presets to be far more user friendly and easier to manage.

What is the Pseudo Effect Suite?

The Psuedo Effect Suite simplifies the process of creating and installing pseudo effects. The problem with pseudo effects in the past is that they weren't easy to distribute and install. They required you go into system files and manually edit xml code. Skipping the installation would cause errors within After Effects and put a “Missing” warning next to your pseudo effect.

The Pseudo Effect Suite simplifies the whole process and allows users to install multiple pseudo effects with a single click!

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Developement Workflow
Create The Controls
Create the Controls

The Custom Controls Creator makes it easy to build and organize your control without having to write any code. The simplified user interface allows you to drag and drop controls right into the work area and easily set all of the default values. Not only does the Custom Controls Creator make it easy to create the controls, it also shows you a visual representation of exactly how you control will look inside After Effects. Almost everything in the work area is fully functional, allowing you to test the controls and set the values just as your or your users will when they use your effect. The custom controls creator takes the work out of creating your interface and allows you to focus on creating a clean and organized control. This video will walk you through creating an interface from scratch.

Build The Preset
Build Your Preset

The preset is what drives your pseudo effect. Without a preset, all you have is an interface that doesn't control anything. After you create a control using the Custom Controls Creator, you can use expressions that allow your controls to drive different aspects within an After Effects composition. Once you've created a preset, you'll export it as an .ffx file that can then be inserted into your pseudo effect. Don't know how to create a preset? This video will show you how!

Consolidate The Files
Consolidate the Files

Once you have your control and your preset, you're ready to turn it into a pseudo effect, and the Pseudo Effect Builder is where it all happens. Not only does it combine everything into a single, easy to install .pseudo file, but it also allows you to include information about the effect. You can add information like the pseudo effect name, creator, version number and After Effects requirement. You can even include a url that will allow the installer to automatically notify your users when a newer version is available! In this video, I'll show you how easy it is to simplify your pseudo effect.

Easily Install Anywhere
Easily Install Anywhere

Once you've finished creating your pseudo effect, you'll want users to be able to install it. That's where the aptly named Pseudo Effect Installer comes in. The Pseudo Effect Installer takes your .pseudo file and extracts the preset and the XML and puts everything in the proper place automatically. No more sifting through code and system files, everything is taken care of for you. And the Pseudo Effect Installer is free to download and install and compatible with both Windows and Mac, so anyone using After Effects will easily be able to take advantage of any Pseudo Effect. Learn about all the features of the Pseudo Effect Installer in this video:


Custom Controls Creator
Custom Controls Creator
Design complex custom controls without
writing a single line of code
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Use it forfree
Add your controls
Set the default values
Generate your code with one click
Import the control into after effects


Custom Controls Creator
Pseudo Effect Builder
Consolidate your pseudo effect into a
single, easy to install, file
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Get it now$15.00
Import your XML and After Effects preset
Set the pseudo effect information
Combine everything into a single file
Notify your users about new versions


Custom Controls Creator
Pseudo Effect Installer
Install pseudo effects without editing
any code or system files
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Download itfree
Install Pseudo Effects with one click
Use in after effects without getting errors
Install multiple pseudo effects at once
Keep all your pseudo effects up to date


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