Custom Controls Creator
Custom Controls Creator
Design complex custom controls without
writing a single line of code

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Custom Controls Creator

The Custom Controls creator makes it easy to create anything from simple controls with a few sliders to large complex controls without having to write any code. Not only does it take care of all the XML for you, it also alows you to see your control as you build it, allowing you to put together a control that is functional and organized for you users.

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Using The Creator

To get started using the custom controls creator, simply click or drag-and-drop a control from the 'Controls' section into the work area on the left.

Once you've added a control, you will get a set of options for that control in the 'Control Settings' section. This area will constantly change depending on what control you have selected. As you add more controls, you can always go back and change settings by clicking on the control you'd like to edit.

The 'Project Settings' section is only used if you are either creating a point control or a slider control with the 'Display Pixel' option turned on. For more information on this, refer to the full help file

Once your control is complete, click the 'Generate Code' button to get your code. You have all sorts of options for how you'd like to get it installed into your system. More information on these options is available in the full help file.

Important Note:

Don't forget to create a unique matchname for your control. Having a unique matchname necessary to avoid overwriting pseudo effects that have already been installed on your or your user's system. To change the matchname, select the control's name at the top of the work area. It is recommended that you create a prefix unique to you and your controls that nobody else will be using to verify that your control will not unintentionally be overwritten.