Advanced Screen Replacement
Advanced Screen Replacement

Advanced Screen Replacement

Running Time: 50 minutes
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Screen Replacement is one of the most common vfx tasks you'll come across. Sometimes it can be taken care of easily just by using a tracker like Mocha or even the corner pin tracker in After Effects.
In this tutorial, we'll look at a more complex example and see how we can complete the effect when there are focus issues, motion blur and obstructions in front of the screen. When these issues come into the play, many  motion trackers wont be able to get good results, do we'll do it all with the basic After Effects motion tracker combined with some manual motion tracking.
To download the Manual Track plugin, visit
July 27, 2015 at 5:20 pm
Does not work for me, tried in 2014 CC and 2015 CC. look:

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