Auto Crop 3: Faster than Ever
May 2, 2019
Jesse Toula

The Auto Crop 3 Logo Auto Crop 3 is now available

Auto Crop has been re-built from the ground up as a native plug-in for After Effects. What does this mean for you? Faster speeds and perfectly accurate results on every crop.

It doesn't matter if you have hundreds of layers or particle effects, Auto Crop can quickly crop your composition down to the size of its contents. This gives you comps that are easier to work with and can help keep your project cleaner. Crop a whole bunch of layers at once, or analyze an entire comp and crop to the smallest size without losing any details from animated layers.

With the new version of Auto Crop, you can now even crop without pre-composing, just crop the current composition directly. You can also crop at any time without affecting the rest of your project. Auto Crop now re-adjusts every use of your pre-comp within the entire project.

Check out the full set of features and download a free trial today!

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