Auto Crop Update 3.1.0
June 20, 2019
Jesse Toula

An update for Auto Crop 3 is now available! (Version 3.1.0).

This version includes a few new features including the ability to customize the Script UI panel allowing you to display only what you need, as well as giving you the option to set preferences directly, without having to open up the preferences window.

There is also a new setting called 'Expand' This option allows you to adjust your crop for layers that are extending past the edges of a composition. You can now 'expand' your composition to include those layers and then crop it down to size, all with a single click.

A new utility script has also been added to the download that allows you to run Auto Crop features from another script. If you are a KBar user, the utility script also has built in KBar support.

You can now select multiple compositions directly in the project panel and crop them without having to open the up in the timeline. (Note that this is only for when multiple composition are selected).

There are also a couple of minor bug fixes.

If you have already purchased Auto Crop 3, this update is available for free. Simply use the same link that was sent to you from your original order, or login to the customer dashboard to get it. (You can also just download the trial version which is exactly the same as the full version once its registered)

If you haven't looked into Auto Crop yet, check out the full set of features and download a free trial today!

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