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Pseudo Effect Maker - Now Available

The Pseudo Effect Maker is an all new tool for After Effects that lets you quickly and easily create custom controls for use in presets and other projects. Whether you are constantly working on projects that involve complex expressions and controllers and want to make things more organized, or you are working on a set of custom presets to distribute, the Pseudo Effect Maker can simplify your workflow.

Not too long ago, we released the Pseudo Effect Suite, which was a group of programs that allowed you to visualize, generate and install custom controls. The process, however, was a little bit cumbersome for creators, and for users since the installer was needed to use the .pseudo files. 

The Pseudo Effect Maker gets rid of all the hassle. It runs as an extension directly inside of After Effects (CC 2014 and up) and custom controls can be instantly applied to a layer without having to mess with any XML files and without restarting After Effects. The best part is that it generates native After Effects code, so the control's data is embedded directly in the resulting preset. This means that whether you save your control as part of an After Effects project, or as a stand-alone preset (.ffx), anyone can use your control without the need for a special installer and without messing with any code. Simply open a project that contains the control, or apply a custom preset and everything will work seamlessly.

To learn more about the Pseudo Effect Maker, click here.


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