The Pseudo Effect Suite

The Pseudo Effect Suite is now online!

Check out the Pseudo Effect Suite page for all of the information about these programs. 

This suite of programs is designed to simplify the process of creating and installing pseudo effects, which has always been a big hassle in the past. The Custom Controls Creator and the Pseudo Effect Builder are built for developers who want to make their own pseudo effects more accessible to users.

If you are not a developer but want to take advantage of pseudo effects, then all you need is the Pseudo Effect Installer, which lets you install pseudo effects with a single click. The Pseudo Effect Installer is free to download and use.

If you would like to learn about the entire process from start to finish for creating and installing a pseudo effect, check out this series of tutorials.

I hope that this set of programs becomes a helpful tool for many people. This is only the initial release for all of this software, so everything will continue to improve as time goes on. If you have any issues, comments or questions, please send an email to

Please Note: Unfortunately at the time of this release there is a bug with applying custom controls through scripts in After Effects CC 2014. What this means is that if you are creating a pseudo effect, you will not be able to create it directly within CC 2014. You'll have to create your presets in an earlier version of After Effects (which is recommended to increase compatibility) or just import the control in an earlier version, save the project, and then open it in CC 2014.

This bug does not cause any problems when custom controls are applied through presets, so your users will still be able to use your pseudo effects without problems.

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