Version 0.5.0

Toggle Bezier

Version 0.5.0

Switch between linear and bezier mask points for your entire mask at every keyframe

Toggle Bezier allows you to quickly and simple convert all of your mask points to linear points or to bezier points. You can convert the points over all keyframes allowing you to work with linear mask points and then convert everything to bezier when you are done.


  1. In the .zip file you downloaded, you will see the 'Toggle Bezier.jsxbin' file. Select and copy this file.

  2. Paste it into the 'ScriptUI Panels' folder for your version of After Effects. (Toggle Bezier works with all versions of After Effects since CS3)

    • Mac: ~/Applications/Adobe After Effects YOUR VERSION/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels
    • Windows: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects YOUR VERSION/Support Files/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

If you do not have any ScriptUI Panels installed already, you should verify the spelling and placement of the 'ScriptUI Panels' folder. Capitalization and spacing is important. If the folder is not correctly named and in the correct location, the script will not be visible in the 'Window' menu.

  1. Now start up After Effects. You will see 'Warp to Keys.jsxbin' at the bottom of the 'Window' menu. Select it to open the Warp to Keys panel. If After Effects was already open, you must restart the program before it will be visible in the 'Window' menu.

Alternative Installation

In newer versions of After Effects, you can also install Script UI panels by going to:

File > Scripts > Install ScriptUI Panel...


The interface has two buttons: 'Remove Bezier' and 'Add Bezier'. 'Remove Bezier' will convert all of the mask points from whatever they are to linear points. 'Add Bezier' will convert them all to bezier mask points.

If there are keyframes on your mask path, the script will automatically update all keyframes* with the selected option.

(Except when "At Current Time" is turned on. Explained below.)


There are three checkbox options that affect both of the button's results. They are 'All Masks', 'At Current Time' and 'Make Rotobezier'

All Masks

If this option is turned on, the results will affect all of the masks on the selected layer. If the layer has only one mask, this option has no effect.

If this option is turned off and the layer has multiple masks, then you will be presented with a list of masks where you can select one or more masks to be affect by the function.

At Current Time

If this option is turned on and there are existing keyframes on the selected mask, a new keyframe will be created at the current time with the results from the chosen function. If there are no existing keyframes, this option will have no effect.

Make RotoBezier

This option only affects masks that are currently bezier. First, uncheck the 'Make RotoBezier' option, then select 'Add Bezier'. Then check 'Make RotoBezier' and click 'Add Bezier' again. Now all the selected masks will be RotoBezier masks. When choosing 'Remove Bezier', this option will have no effect. If the selected mask is currently a RotoBezier mask, the resulting mask will still become a standard mask

Questions or Comments?

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