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September 21, 2015
After Effects CS6 and Newer
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Auto Crop automatically crops your pre-comp to fit its contents. You can choose ‘Auto Crop,’ which will crop based on the current frame, or ‘Crop Duration,’ which will look at every frame between the pre-comps in and out points. There is also a third type of crop, ‘Mask Crop,’ which resizes your pre-comp based on a mask applied to it.

Using Auto Crop

Using Auto Crop is simple. In order for it to run, you must have a pre-comp (nested composition) in your current timeline. To crop a layer, just select the pre-comp and choose from either ‘Auto Crop,’ ‘Crop Duration,’ or ‘Mask Crop.’

Auto Crop Options

Auto Crop

The first option will crop your layer based on the current time. If there is no animation within your pre-comp, this is a good option. Your pre-comp will be resized to the smallest possible dimensions while keeping all visible layers in view. If your pre-comp’s layers are animated, your layers may move in and out of frame.

Crop Duration

This is a good option to use if you have animation within your pre-comp. Crop Duration will go through and evaluate each frame of your pre-comp between its in and out points and crop based on all frames. This means that even if your layers move around, they will not be cut off.

PLEASE NOTE: ‘Crop Duration’ runs on each frame of your pre-comp. This means that if your pre-comp is very long, it will take a long time to complete the process. You will get a progress bar to indicate the amount that has been completed, but due to the processor intensive calculations, you may notice poor performance in the progress bar. Often times the script is still running correctly, but the progress is just not updating. You can also check the progress in the info panel, which seems to update properly most of the time.

Mask Crop

To use Mask Crop, you must have at least one mask applied to your pre-comp. If you only have one mask applied, it will be used by default. If you have multiple masks, a dialog will appear for you to choose the desired mask. Once a mask is chosen, the crop will take place.

Ignore Masks

This option is not available in After Effects CC 2015 and newer. In this version of AE, masks will always be ignored.

This option only affects ‘Auto Crop’ and ‘Crop Duration.’ Any masks applied to the layer are turned off so that the crop is working on the entire layer, not just the masked portion. Masks are reapplied after crop is complete.

Delete Mask

This option only applies to Mask Crop. By default, the mask that is used for the crop will be deleted once the crop has taken place. Unchecking this option will leave the crop mask on the layer.


NEW! You can now add padding to your crops. Specify an amount in the box, and that number of pixels will be added as a border around the edge of the crop.

‘Previous Crop Info’ Section

This panel will display information on how the crop was applied to your layer by showing you the amount of pixels removed from each side as well as a ‘before’ and ‘after’ resolution.


After Effects: CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014


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