Quick Gravity

Create a realistic bouncing animation

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Price: Pay What You Want
Current Version: 2.0
Version Release Date: July 18, 2017
Compatibility: After Effects CS6 and Newer
Type: Pseudo Effect
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Quick Gravity is a preset that allows you to quickly and easily create a dropping and bouncing animation. The preset comes loaded with several controls that allow you to customize the look of the bounce.

In addition to the preset file, the download now also comes along with a .pseudo file, which can be used along with the Pseudo Effect Installer to simplify the install process and allow you to take advantage of the custom control that comes along with the pseudo effect version of Quick Gravity.

Version History

Version 2.00 - 7 / 18 /2017

  • Gravity is now calculated using real world physics

Version 1.00

  • Initial Release
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