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Instantly import and use the tracking data from the Track Points Advance app

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Price: Free
Current Version: 1.0
Version Release Date: August 16, 2016
Compatibility: After Effects CS6 and Newer
Type: Script UI Panel


Track Points Import is for importing XML files created by Track Points Advanced, an Android app available for purchase from the Google Play Store. This script automatically creates a composition that matches the device resolution from the screen that was tracked and creates all of the keyframes on the layer type of your choice, eliminating the need to manually motion track all of the screen interaction.

Using Track Points Import

Import Track

This button will bring up the open dialog where you can choose the XML file created by Track Points Advanced that you would like to import. Be sure to set the composition name and tracker type before importing your track. Once you choose your file, the import process will begin. Importing times will vary depending on the length of your track.

Composition Name

This option is displayed as a text box with the default value set to 'TrackPoints.’ Change this to anything you'd like. This is the name that will be given to the composition that is created when you import your track, and should be set before the 'Import Track' process is run.

Tracker Type

The tracker type can be set to either 'Squares,’ 'Point Controls,' or 'Null Objects.’ These refer only to how the imported data will be displayed and will not affect the data itself.

  • 'Squares' - The data will be applied to 3 square solid layers (one for each tracked finger) and its position and opacity properties will be animated. The opacity will be 100% when the finger is touching the screen and 0% when it is not.
  • 'Point Controls' -  Only a single layer will be created that is the same size as the composition. On this layer will be 6 effect controls, 3 point controls and 3 corresponding checkbox controls. The point controls will contain the keyframes for the position of each finger, and the checkboxes will turn on or off depending on if a finger is touching or not.
  • 'Null Objects' - This option is the same as the 'Sqaures' option, but uses null objects instead of solid layers

Rotate Left / Right

Depending on options set in the Track Points Advanced app and the way you held the device, there is a chance that the imported data will be incorrectly rotated. Use these two buttons to rotate the keyframe data and match the proper orientation. It is important to rotate the data immediately after importing it, as the rotate functions are only designed to rotate Track Points data and not an entire composition.

Version History

Initial Release

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