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Clean, Organized After Effects Templates
The Popup Control
A while ago I did a tutorial on creating Pseudo Effects in After Effects. I went through using all of the different controls that are available, except for the Popup control. Back then, there wasn't any sort of reference for using it correctly....
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New Tutorial: Rotoscoping Tips and Tricks
Jesse Toula on November 17, 2013 at 6:31 pm
New Tutorial: Rotoscoping Tips and Tricks

Rotoscoping... its probably not your favorite thing to do in After Effects, but its often necessary in order create the effect you are after. Most people I know cringe at the word, but...

More Free AE Scripts
Jesse Toula on October 25, 2013 at 11:26 pm

So I'm still working hard to finish up the rotoscoping tutorial (its a long one), however during its production, I decided to create a couple new scripts that would simplify some of the things...


Rotoscoping Tips and Tricks
Rotoscoping Tips and Tricks
  • Rotoscope fast while staying accurate
  • Learn to make After Effects do the hard work for you

Beyond Camera Basics - Focal Length
Beyond Camera Basics - Focal Length
  • Learn about Focal Length and the science behind it 
  • See how different focal lengths can be used to affect an image

Creating Pseudo Effects for AE
Creating Pseudo Effects for AE
  • Learn to create clean, user friendly, customized controls
  • Use the Pseudo Effect Creator to create controls quickly.

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