Version: 3.2.0 -

Move Anchor Point 3

Instantly and precisely move anchor points anywhere without moving the layer

After Effects CS3 and newer
Tool Type:
Script UI Panel

A newer version of Move Anchor Point is available

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Move Anchor Point 3 is no longer available. If you have purchased this product in the past, you may still download it by logging into the customer dashboard, however it is no longer on sale.

Please check out Move Anchor Point 4!

The Move Anchor Point 3 panel

Fast, simple control.

With one click, move the anchor point of a layer to any of 9 preset points

Get hassle-free precision.

Use a preset or custom values to move anchor points anywhere without affecting keyframes.

Move Anchor Point 3 panel in front of a layer that has keyframes

Designed for flexibility.

  • Work with any footage layer
  • Move based on a single layer, a selection of layers, or relative to the composition
  • Match the anchor points of multiple layers

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The Move Anchor Point 3 logo

Move Anchor Point 3


Script UI Panel

  • Fixed, 9-point (3x3) grid for preset moves
  • Custom moves based on pixels or percentages
  • Match anchor points of selected layers
  • Fixed user interface
The Move Anchor Point 4 logo

Move Anchor Point 4



  • Customizable grid up to 9x9
  • Custom moves, plus the ability to save them as presets and reuse with one click
  • Match anchor points based on selection or with advanced search-matching based on layer names
  • Customizable user interface to only show the features you need

Need more information?

For all the details on Move Anchor Point 3, including how to install and how it works, check out the manual