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Version: 0.5.0 -

Toggle Bezier

Switch between linear and bezier mask points for your entire mask at every keyframe

After Effects CS3 and Newer
Tool Type:
Script UI Panel

Work with speed.

Use linear mask points as you go for simplicity and flexibility.

When you're done, convert everything to smooth, natural Bezier curves with one click.

A layer with a mask where all the points are linear
A layer with a mask where all the points are bezier

Simple and Flexible.

  • Swap between linear and Bezier mask points to preview the final result, then go right back to editing.
  • Convert mask points at the current time or at every keyframe.
  • Affect all masks on a layer or just the selected mask.
The toggle bezier interface in front of a layer with several masks that all have many keyframes

Need more information?

For all the details on Toggle Bezier, including how to install and how it works, check out the manual